Server, Desktop and Network Support

A consulting firm that is dedicated to meeting the highly specialized needs of professionals

We don't simply develop complex strategies or try to create perfection, we always take a practical view and concentrate on delivering working solutions to meet an identified business need. Our approach is to integrate the process, people and technology. Because the environment in which we conduct business in today is so dynamic and complex, having a full understanding of the most current resources available and the most efficient ways to use them is essential to the survival of any corporation.

At See'n Devine, our focus is on small to medium size businesses. We continue to provide professional services at low rates to help small businesses claim their place online. We believe in providing services far beyond just website creation. At the end of every engagement we always transfer detailed documentation, vital skills and knowledge to ensure ongoing project success. From software development to project management, we understand and can apply the latest technologies, tools and techniques.

Some of the Services We Offer:

  • Network Design, Implementation and Installation
  • Windows and Linux Networking and Support
  • Web Database Development
  • Secure Internet Commerce
  • Web Server Installation and Support
  • Network Reengineering
  • Vendor Selection